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Compliance, Disclosures & Exposures – Oh My!

Management Liability/Professional Liability Rates Expected to Rise to 10% in 2013

A recent survey of 105 risk managers, insurance carriers, agents and brokers conducted by Torus Insurance Holdings, Ltd., showed an expectation of rate increases to take place across management liability and professional lines.

Almost ninety percent of respondents expect increases of up to 10% and one in five respondents believe pricing will increase by more than 11%. "This coming year will be a challenging environment where coverage, limits and pricing are all on the table," said Jeffrey Grange, senior vice president and head of professional lines at Torus.

Compliance, Disclosures

In addition, regulation will impact rates – over half of the respondents believe the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act will impact professional lines in 2013. When asked about the JOBS Act, 49% of respondents said reduced compliance and disclosure are the biggest exposures on the Directors and Officers liability market.


As the number of companies adopting social media strategies continue to grow, so does their exposure to risk. Nearly three in five insurance professionals surveyed at the recent annual PLUS conference expect increases in demand for media liability coverage due to increased online risks, according to the survey.

One-third of companies now use social media to engage with their clients and vendors. Top executives are front and center as well - 82% of employees say they trust a company more when the CEO and leadership team communicate via social media.

New exposures will continue to develop over time and rates will continue to rise. Be prepared - speak to an expert to find out how these changes will impact your business.

Quote taken from Business Insurance article - Mike Tsikoudakis [Posted 28 Nov 2012]


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