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5 Reasons Architects and Contractors Should Buy Cyber Liability Insurance

Many fields have begun to bring cyber liability into their business operations. Architects, though not a field that wouldfalse [...]

Employer Liability in Cannabis Cases


New Jersey Protects Salary Rights

As of the New Year, New Jersey has expanded its protections for workers and the way they are hired. This time it has to do withfalse [...]

Can Employees Face Consequences for Off-Duty, Legal Cannabis Use?


Man using tablet pc beside servers in data center

Common Cybersecurity Gaps

In cyber security, many things go into protecting your cyber infrastructure. From your firewalls to education, everything plays afalse [...]

business partners, partnership concept with two businessman handshake

TPA Trends in 2020

In this article, we interviewed Professional Liability Broker, Paul Hacker on the topic of Third-Party Administrators andfalse [...]


Breaking Down Workplace Harassment Claims


Conceptual image of micro circuit. Security concept

Creating a Playbook on Cyber Breaches

As the number of cyber breaches continue to spike, it’s imperative to create a plan to counteract and prevent lasting damage tofalse [...]


What Makes an Actionable Workplace Discrimination Claim?



Lawsuits That Arise in Mergers & Acquisitions



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