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With Legal Cannabis on the Rise, Be Aware of These Potential Workplace Issues



Cryptojacking; Internet’s Very Own Hijacking

With the rise of cryptocurrency, many people take advantage of people’s ignorance to extort said currency out of people. But now,false [...]


Cyber Liability Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions


Concentrated young hacker in glasses stealing money from different credit cards sitting in dark room

Common Myths about Cybersecurity

With the increase in the amount of cyber breaches and hacks, many people are continuing to fall into the same traps not only withfalse [...]


Axis Insurance Services to Attend the 2019 PLUS Annual Conference

Axis Insurance Service is pleased to announce that they will be attending the Professional Underwriters Liability Society (PLUS)false [...]

businessman hand using tablet computer and server room background

New York Passes SHIELD Act to Enhance Cyber Security

With massive breaches hitting the headlines, various states are rushing to ensure that their businesses are kept secure. New Yorkfalse [...]

Electric cable close-up with glowing electricity lightning

Are Charging Cables a New Data Risk?

Hackers have continuously evolved as people have learned to adapt to their strategies. The newest type of breach involvesfalse [...]

1-Cyber Awareness

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October has been designated as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As more businesses use the web to conduct business,false [...]

2012 AXIS Logo

Axis Insurance to Attend SIOR Fall World Conference

Axis Insurance Services is pleased to announce their attendance to the SIOR World Conference in Portland, Oregon from Octoberfalse [...]


Axis Insurance to Attend PLUS Foundation Women’s Luncheon

Axis Insurance  is pleased to announce their attendance at the PLUS Foundation Women’s Leadership Network Luncheon on October 3rdfalse [...]


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