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Working Remotely Doesn’t Protect You From Cyber Breaches

Many companies have begun to use remote desktops to allow their employees to work from home. While a way to allow for working outfalse [...]


5 Crucial Internal Controls to Prevent Employee Theft and Fraud



First American Vulnerability Exposes Millions

Big companies continue to be vulnerable to cyber attacks and exposures. Over the weekend, First American Insurance reportedlyfalse [...]


Salesforce Goes Down Due to Glitch

Salesforce, the cloud-based software company that handles corporate data, was brought down last week over a glitch. For a wholefalse [...]


California Senate Blocks Expanded Cyber Protection

In an effort to expand consumer protection, California’s legislature attempted to pass legislation expanding its own datafalse [...]


The Right (and Wrong) Way to Handle Employee Complaints



Equifax Feels the Effects of Its Breach

In July 2017, Equifax revealed that were breached three months prior, which resulted in the compromising of nearly 150 millionfalse [...]


How a Business Should Handle Digital Extortion


Heather Verdui

Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions with VP of Operations, Heather Verdui

Heather Verdui, VP of Operations [...]


Would Your Business Be Prepared for These Lesser-Known Commercial Crimes?

    Not every commercial crime is significant, but many are enough to temporarily deter a business for both short-term andfalse [...]


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