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Are You Insured for GDPR Fines?

As an American company, you might not be thinking about what’s going on in the European Union, but there’s some regulationsfalse [...]

New Phishing Scam Creates Uncomfortable Chaos


Axis Insurance Services Welcomes New Head of Marketing


Axis Insurance Services to Attend SIOR in Denver, CO


Active Shooters an Increasing Concern to Many Businesses


Axis Insurance Services to Attend PLUS Women’s Leadership Seminar in New York


PL Risk Helping Hands Attending Walk to Raise Awareness of Opioid Crisis


Warnings Go Out as Facebook Reveals They Were Compromised


The Innovations and Challenges of Insurtech

While insurtech is staunch innovator of the insurance industry, there are also some challenges involved as well. The term hasfalse [...]

How Insurtech Helps Small Businesses

Insurtech is reformatting the insurance industry by changing the way individuals receive customer service, make policy managementfalse [...]


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