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Liability During the #MeToo Era


Holiday Shopping Open Season for Hackers


How to Detect a Cyber Attack in 2018

Cyber security has become a much greater concern as the years go on, and in 2018, no one is immune to having their data hacked.false [...]

Here’s Why So Many Businesses Fail to Detect Data Breaches

In 2018, it is an unfortunate truth that data breaches happen with increasing regularity. One recent incident was the September 6false [...]

British Airways Among the First Affected by New GDPR Regulations


What You Need to Know About Tail Coverage with Dylan Kelly


Here's Why Cyber Insurance is a Growing Market for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Your business started out small, and you never thought that you’d need certain types of insurance coverage. But now your businessfalse [...]

Axis Insurance Services to Attend AIG Panel


New York State Introduces New Legislation about Sexual Harassment


ADA Website Compliance: A Rising Cause of Professional Liability Claims

Having an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant website could mean the difference between your business having nofalse [...]


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