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How a Business Should Handle Digital Extortion


Heather Verdui

Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions with VP of Operations, Heather Verdui

Heather Verdui, VP of Operations [...]


Would Your Business Be Prepared for These Lesser-Known Commercial Crimes?

    Not every commercial crime is significant, but many are enough to temporarily deter a business for both short-term andfalse [...]


Cyber Breaches Are Happening More Now in the UK Than Before

According to one British Government survey, the amount of cyber breaches in the UK has dropped considerably in the last twofalse [...]

cali (3)_LI

California GDPR: What Needs to be Done in 2020

On January 1st 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 will go into effect for the State of California. Comparedfalse [...]


The Weather Channel Taken Off Air After Software Attack

Early this morning,  The Weather Channel, a 24/7 weather news agency was knocked off the air by a malicious attacker. The attackfalse [...]


What Makes an Actionable Misrepresentation Claim?

   Convincing a client to use your genuine services is one thing. It’s another to misrepresent your company in order to get afalse [...]


Robocalls Leading to Cyber Risks

  An increase in calls from numbers that aren’t recognizable to the receivers has made many people concerned about their ownfalse [...]


Small Businesses: Be Wary of These Common Scams  [...]


Disclosing Cyber Risks

   When a Cyber breach occurs, a company is required to disclose and report the extent of the breach, individuals affected andfalse [...]


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