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New York State Introduces New Legislation about Sexual Harassment


ADA Website Compliance: A Rising Cause of Professional Liability Claims

Having an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant website could mean the difference between your business having nofalse [...]

New Phishing Scam Targets Direct Deposit


PL Risk Helping Hands Walks for Shatterproof


The Costs of Not Being ADA-Compliant

Recently, law firm Seyfarth Shaw found that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III lawsuits are up 63 percent sincefalse [...]

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Homeland Security Issues New Warning on Fake IT Scam


Are You Insured for GDPR Fines?

As an American company, you might not be thinking about what’s going on in the European Union, but there’s some regulationsfalse [...]

New Phishing Scam Creates Uncomfortable Chaos


Axis Insurance Services Welcomes New Head of Marketing



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