The Rise of Discrimination Lawsuits in the Workplace

Employment discrimination has always been a major issue in the workplace. No matter the industry or office size, discrimination can take


Axis Insurance Services Welcomes New Account Manager

Axis Insurance Services is pleased to announce the hiring of Liza Cordovano as Professional Lines Account Manager. Liza comes to Axis


Hackers Target Zoom Meetings

With most of the workforce being required to work from home, most people have turned to video chatting to stay in touch. But hackers


Multiple States Expand Business Interruption Coverage

With the Coronavirus ravaging the economy, many businesses are starting to lose money or even close-up their shops. As a result, they


Stimulus Bill’s Impact on Unemployment

As the coronavirus impacts businesses around the world, U.S. Congress has passed over a $2 trillion-dollar relief bill to boost


COVID 19: What You Should Do

Click here to download the Coronavirus Guidelines for America.

With many states and cities on lockdown, there is a panic over the


CDC Warns of Massive Scams During Crisis

With many states beginning to lockdown, scammers have begun to take advantage of the confusion. Online and at people’s doors, scammers


Bergen County Among First Counties to Completely Shut Down

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many states including New Jersey has implemented many social distancing


Facial Recognition Software Opens up Privacy Concerns

As biometrics become increasingly popular in maintaining their identity, it opens the inevitable questions about privacy begins to rear


EPLI Claims That Arise in the Hiring Process

Businesses may already have a tough enough time finding the right talent and getting them installed in their work culture without having


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