Bergen County Among First Counties to Completely Shut Down

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many states including New Jersey has implemented many social distancing


Facial Recognition Software Opens up Privacy Concerns

As biometrics become increasingly popular in maintaining their identity, it opens the inevitable questions about privacy begins to rear


EPLI Claims That Arise in the Hiring Process

Businesses may already have a tough enough time finding the right talent and getting them installed in their work culture without having


CDC Issues New Guidelines in the Wake of Possible Pandemic

The Coronavirus has caused humongous disruption across the world. The virus has caused stock markets to plummet, quarantines to go up


The #MeToo Movement and Its Impact on D&O Insurance

Since the fall of 2017, the #MeToo movement has led to a surge in allegations and claims associated with sexual harassment and assault.


GDPR Regulation Enforced with Varying Results

When the European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018  with an enforcement date of May 2019, it was


What is Fiduciary Liability in Business?

Fiduciary liability coverage, also known as management liability insurance, was formed to protect businesses against costly claims that


Axis Insurance Services Introduces New Marketing Specialist

Axis Insurance Services, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Mary Mabee to their staff as Marketing Specialist. Mary is


Industries Face Blacklisting in Wake of #Metoo

With many high-profile cases making the news and a rise in workplace sexual harassment complaints, many industries are starting to feel


Mike Smith Named Top Specialist Broker in IBA Magazine

Mike Smith, CEO of Axis Insurance Services was named Top Specialist Broker by Insurance Business America in their January 2020 issue. [...]

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