Steps to Deescalate Angry Mortgage Clients

Finalizing loan documents can be a stressful experience for everyone involved because of the complex, detailed nature of the event but the short amount of time usually provided to get it done. In unfortunate situations, the signers lose patience and become frustrated and upset. Dissatisfied clients could lead quickly to unwarranted claims against your mortgage broker insurance policy. Rather than continuing to struggle through the meeting, there are some ways to diffuse the tension and de-escalate angry borrowers.

5 Deescalation Tips To Implement at Your Next Closing

In order to help finish your closings without losing future recommendations, your personal sense of calm,

and your client’s trust, try these tips for working with borrowers who are upset during the mortgage process.

1. Remain Calm

It is imperative that you don’t let the stress and frustration of the borrower interfere with your own sense of calm. It is best to avoid any emotional reactions or outbursts, relying instead on good reason and judgment to assess the situation.

2. Explain Your Actions

A client may not fully understand the laws of loan signing, and they may get upset that you can’t do something simple for them like check a box. Always take the time to share your legal responsibilities or show the borrower documentation that outlines what you can or can’t do for them.

3. Don’t Spread Blame

Signers who have been given misinformation or who have preconceived ideas about what should be happening will often look at you as a place to vent. While it is frustrating to bear the brunt of their anger, do not add fuel to the fire by joining in on spreading blame to the different parties. Never criticize the agency or leadership you represent, but don’t ignore the client’s concerns, either. Empathize with their emotions or feelings and validate their experience. Avoid bad-mouthing or agreeing with their statements.

4. Be a Problem Solver

The easiest thing to do when tempers flare is to get defensive. However, you need to be solution-oriented and let the signer know you are there to help them. By taking action and outlining solution steps, you may be able to diffuse the tension and show them their anger is misdirected. Being patient and calm makes it easier to come up with logical, efficient answers to their problems.

5. Learn When To Say Enough

There may be times when bringing an abrupt end to the signing is the only option for deescalation. This is particularly true if you feel that you are in danger. Abuse is not a part of the job description, and you do have the freedom to professionally walk away. However, always work through these other tips before you make that decision.

Professionalism requires a lot of emotional and mental strength, especially when dealing with angry clients. These tips can help you work through frustrating situations for a favorable resolution.


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