Axis Insurance Services to attend Las Vegas PLUS Convention

Axis Insurance Services will be attending the PLUS Convention in Las Vegas from December 4th to the 6th. Attending the convention will be Principle and CEO of Axis Insurance Services, Mike Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales, Javier Gonzalez and Assistant Vice President of Sales Matt Culkin.

When asked about their attendance, Mike Smith had this to say. “Axis has attended the PLUS conference for a very long time. Through this Conference we have made numerous connections with peers in our field and in return share our insights about the industry.”

About PLUS

PLUS is recognized as the primary source of professional liability educational programs and seminars, networking events, educational products, and information regarding professional liability. 

PLUS's Visioning Statements

  1. Have an expanded PLUS community and increased engagement within the community. 
  2. Be seen as an indispensable, valued partner to corporate entities in the industry. 
  3. Have invested to ensure that PLUS delivers the most relevant content through state-of-the-art delivery methods. 
  4. Have diversified revenue sources to adjust to changing market conditions. 
  5. Have an evolved structure to respond proactively to external threats and new competition. 
  6. Have embraced and actively sought out mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborative efforts. 
  7. Are decisive in determining growth strategies or exit strategies of offerings and initiatives.

About PL Risk

Our unique ability to understand the complexity of business risks allows us to build customized programs to specifically address these exposures. Furthermore, our staff has the experience and knowledge required to help agents stem losses through effective risk management and proper claims analysis.


Founded in 2012, PLRisk Advisors, Inc. is the wholesale division of Axis Management Group Holdings, Inc., providing professional liability coverage solutions for insurance agents nationwide. Our high-quality coverage options include errors and omissions, directors and officers, fiduciary, crime and privacy/network security programs.