Finding Qualified Job Applicants

Though you often have an idea of what the ideal candidate for an open position at your company would be like, finding that person is a different story. According to a 2017 survey from Glassdoor, 76 percent of hiring decision makers have said that their number one challenge is attracting quality candidates. Given that we are also presently in a period with notably low unemployment rates, finding and attracting the ideal candidate can be a nearly impossible feat.

The hiring process is a complicated one that is rife with potential risks and pitfalls. You want to find the right candidates and thoroughly screen them in order to make sure that they will be as suited for the position as possible, but you have to ensure that you are in compliance with employment practices laws, which will prevent you from asking about certain things. Before you even reach the interview portion, however, consider implementing these measures to increase the likelihood of seeing qualified applicants.

Create a Detailed, Accurate Job Description

The first step to attracting the right candidate is creating a job description that describes what type of person you’re looking for and what the job will require. Ron Fry, author of Ask the Right Questions, Hire the Best People, has this to say about announcing an open position:

“Larger companies are used to saying, ‘You must have X, Y and Z.’ They set out exact job requirements and they don’t deviate. But entrepreneurs and people who have less experience hiring might say, ‘Well, I kind of want this, and I want that, and maybe this other thing.’ Then someone charming comes along who doesn’t meet the requirements, and they’re suddenly finding a new spot for the charmer without filling the opening they have.”

A likeable employee isn’t at all a bad thing, but it shouldn’t be the main determining factor. Clearly delineate what the position requires. Should the candidate have a certain amount of schooling? Experience? Specific skill sets? Get as particular as you possibly can, and weed out candidates who don’t meet those initial requirements (as well as general qualifications such as good spelling, grammar, and a professional demeanor).

Use Your Network

While a select individual or group of employees will be making the hiring decision, open up the floor to your employees or to close members of your professional network. Explain the open position to them and invite them to search for or recommend individuals that they know and think would suit the position. You already know and trust these people, so their recommendations are likely to be more closely-suited to what you’re looking for, and depending on their proximity to the position, they may have insights that you haven’t thought of.

Spread the Word

Using recruitment websites and social media is the way to reach a large applicant pool in today’s hiring landscape. Don’t just promote the position, but promote your company as well. Any publicity that your business gets - so long as it is not harmful to your reputation - will get your name out there and draw applicants to consider working for you.

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