Getting Back to Work: Steps Needed to Reopen Your Business

skyline of residential buildings in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at night

With the Coronavirus still ravaging the world, there are some states that have decided to allow some of their businesses to reopen to hopefully restart an economy that has all but gone to a halt. But there are inherent risks to this and there are procedures that must be adhered to even consider opening your business.

For many states, companies must wait until their state gives the all clear to even consider opening-up. Even then, the restrictions to reopening can make people think twice about bringing their staff back full time. These include:

  • Being six feet apart: many offices have cubical which aren’t always six feet apart. Offices might need to stagger who comes in and set up how people walk around the office. This leads to taped off walkways to maintain this distance.
  • Testing your employees: Many companies will not allow people to come in without testing their employee’s temperature. This leads to one of the earliest steps to preventing the virus from spreading: If you’re sick, don’t leave the house.
  • Restaurants must remain takeout or delivery for now: Many restaurants will stay takeout or delivery only in the early phases. In states like Rhode Island, they are limiting the amount of people they allow into the establishment under a pilot program including those with outdoor seating[1].
  • Closing the schools: As a rule, many states have decided to shut their academic years down early citing potential spread in the confined spaces. When they reopen in the fall, new steps might be taken to prevent an outbreak.
  • Limiting retail stores: Many retail stores are now cautiously opening their doors with limited occupation. Clothing stores have closed dressing rooms and limited the number of people working.[2]

Until there is a defined drop in cases and deaths, lockdowns and restrictions will continue, despite many states beginning to open up. When your state does open, follow the federal guidelines that may apply. These next few weeks are crucial in determining whether life can resume to a new normal.




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