How to Detect a Cyber Attack in 2018

Cyber security has become a much greater concern as the years go on, and in 2018, no one is immune to having their data hacked. When the SANS 2018 Survey on Endpoint Protection and Response polled 277 IT professionals, the results were shocking: less than half of all cyber attacks were detected through traditional methods like antivirus software. That means going above and beyond to get the adequate protection you need is essential.

Attacks can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether your company is big or small; you’re going to need to know how to properly detect a cyber attack. If you can detect it, then it’s possible to fight it. When thinking about the detection of attacks, it’s a common misconception to focus on the tools of the trade, and on the tools that cyber attackers use, according to GetSmarter. The important thing is to understand the people behind cyber attacks, how to tell what kind of attack it is and how you can catch it. This is how to detect a cyber attack in 2018.

The Ones Behind the Attacks

The people behind cyber attacks are very organized, selecting their tools carefully. They aren’t using things that are commonly identified, malware with file hashes or things that can be recognized. In order to detect a cyber attack, it’s imperative to look for the identifying behaviors of those behind the attack. Understanding a cyber attack and detecting it is a lot harder than just pushing some buttons; a Hollywood portrayal that is ingrained in society. Focus on the fact that you can stop the attack from getting worse and take that time to search the vast unknown. 

How to Tell Attacks Apart

If there’s an infrastructure breach, it’s not the end of the world. These types of breaches can be fixed pretty easily. But if you do nothing to address the problem, then it’s going to get much worse. When it takes time for you to combat the attack, it then becomes an information breach. An information breach can have severe consequences. The worst thing you can do is let an attacker get to know your network and all of your data. Networks need to be complex, like a city. While it’s easy to get in, finding out what bank vault you want to rob and where it’s located are going to be a lot more difficult.

How to Catch the Attack

A cyberattack is going to know your defense better than you do. That’s why you have to be one step ahead of them by looking for human behaviors and human trails in the environment. What an attack wants is to get higher privilege into your systems. This includes setting up back doors (where attacks can come back easily) and using unique processes not used at your business. By picking out these little anomalies, you can catch a cyber attack.

No matter what type of business you operate, in this day and age going without Cyber Insurance is not an option. Contact your agent today to learn more about the coverage you need.


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