Keep Your Business Safe From Employment-Related Claims

As a business owner, you wouldn’t face the risk of fire, theft, customer injury or any other catastrophic loss or event without the proper insurance protection.

Surprisingly, it’s more likely your business will face an employment-related claim than any of those other risks.

Employment-related lawsuits are more common than ever and the number of employment-related claims filed through the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) continues to rise. The most frequent claims are employer retaliation, race and sexual discrimination and can be filed by employees, former employees or even employment candidates.

Thinking that your general liability or business owner’s policy (BOP) covers these losses is a mistake. Typically, these general liability policies often exclude employment-related claims and in order to cover them, you will need an Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy.

An EPLI policy is crucial in building a complete insurance solution to protect your business. The coverage offers protection against employment-related claims and lawsuits brought against a business, its officers, managers or employees. It typically covers the payment of defense costs, damages, judgments and settlement amounts within policy limits.

The right EPLI policy provides coverage for acts occurring prior to the inception of the policy (“full prior acts”) and third party claim coverage that protects your business against legal issues that arise between your business and others, such as vendors or customers.

Aside from an EPLI policy, the most basic safeguard is to have good employment practices already in place and create a positive workplace culture with zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

It’s crucial to have the proper EPLI coverage to protect your business from employment-related claims – contact one of our EPLI specialists today to learn more about this important coverage. Call us today at 201-847-9175 or email

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