Key Points to Address in Your Business’s Cyber Policy

In 2017, just about every business uses computers and the internet in its day-to-day operations. Depending on the industry you work in and the demographics of your workplace, some of your employees could be near-technologically illiterate, while others could teach a course on computer tricks. Regardless of your team’s level of familiarity with the internet, if you use it at all at work, you need to provide a written policy outlining rules and consequences to each and every employee, and ensure that they understand its importance and how to follow it. Protect your business with a Cyber Liability insurance policy, but provide the first line of defense by addressing these key points with your team.

Cyber Security

It goes without saying that every business in 2017 needs to have policies in place to encourage safe browsing and protect company data. This should be clearly outlined, discussed with your employees, and routinely updated to reflect technological developments and current trends. Cyber security guidelines should address the following:

  • Safe browsing
  • Secure passwords
  • Spotting common online scams
  • Downloading attachments or software
  • When to provide information and to whom
  • Social engineering fraud

Social Media

It’s safe to say that no job description entails the employee checking up on his or her own personal social media pages. Like with any other distraction from the job, state in your policies that all personal social media use should be limited to breaks, lunch hours, and emergency circumstances. Some workplaces choose to completely ban any personal internet use (even blocking the sites), but the Identity Theft Resource Center cautions that this is not the best idea. If you choose to completely block out social media and other similar sites, it could send your employees the message that you do not trust them, and harbor resentment. In addition, it could potentially lead to employees attempting to covertly access these sites, which could jeopardize your security measures.


Your business should not tolerate cyberbullying in any way, shape, or form; depending on where you are located, it may be illegal, as the Cyberbullying Research Center has reported that 25 states currently have laws against cyberbullying and three have proposed legislation. Your workplace policies should make it clear that you will not tolerate cyberbullying and that employees who bully may be subject to termination, but the most important thing to do is adjust your workplace culture so that it will not easily lend itself to cyberbullying. Work with your HR department so that they will understand how to handle a cyberbullying complaint; this will include dealing with the bullying party as well as helping the victim to handle the hostile environment. Employees should not be afraid to report cyberbullying, and your company should not hesitate in stomping out bad behavior.


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