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PL Risk Advisors, Inc. Reaches Milestone

By: Drew M. Smith

PL RiskAxis Management Group Holdings Inc. President, Mike W Smith announced today that its wholesale division, PL Risk Advisors, Inc. (PL Risk TM) is celebrating its one year anniversary. PL Risk was officially launched on April 1, 2014 as a new and innovative Professional and Management Liability Insurance wholesaler.

PL Risk is currently licensed as a Professional and Management Liability agent/broker in 35 states and took in over $5 million dollars in business in its first year of operations. In a very short period of time, the company has contracted with in excess of 50 insurance companies and markets and established a base of almost 100 retail brokers. It is the company’s goal to be licensed and marketing in all 50 states by the end of 2015. PL Risk has also hired 4 new people in the last four months and plans additional hires to support the continued growth in addition to expanding their current office location.

Mike W. Smith, President and CEO of PL Risk says “PL Risk was a natural progression of our insurance agent and broker E&O market. We are continually pleased at how well PL Risk has been received in the market and in our ability to distinguish ourselves from our competition.”

About PL Risk

PL Risk Advisors Inc. (PL Risk) is a wholesale specialty broker specializing in Professional and Management Liability Insurance. A rapidly expanding company providing services to retail brokers nationwide. PL Risk believes in building solid relationships with their insurance carriers so that they can negotiate the right coverage at competitive rates. The professional staff at PL Risk has the experience and knowledge to provide retail agents with expertise and access to markets that may not be available in the general market.


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