Reopening Your Business Could be Long and Risky

Handsome concentrated bearded waiter swiping credit card through the computer terminal in cafe

As many states face the prospect of when and how their economy should reopen, the biggest questions become How and Will companies adapt to the social distancing guidelines? Some states are slowly opening the doors to low risk businesses, while others are not even considering it until they meet certain guidelines.

The federal guidelines mandate that states only reopen after showing their number of cases show a drop-in, cases over two weeks, the amount of time it takes for the virus to work itself through a human body. However, some states have started relaxing these measures including Georgia, who highly publicized opening and is creating noise on both sides of the debate. Dine in restaurants such as Waffle House now must create spaces to distance their customers. Despite the order, many are still reluctant to open again.[1] In New York, Governor Cuomo has outlined May 15th for when the state might open again, with two of the northern regions of the state being touted as among the first to open-up. But the New York City area is far from doing so.

Once states reopen, there will be a new normal regarding social distancing measures. Every company, private and public must take precautions to ensure no communal spread. Whether it involves taking desks out, or having people coming to the office in shifts, personal guidelines must be meted out before the company con consider business as usual.


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