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Axis Insurance Services to Exhibit at NAI Global Annual Conference

Axis Insurance Services LLC (AXIS) is pleased to announce that they will once again exhibit at the NAI Global Annual Conference in Las Vegas in February. This year will be the 10th year they have exhibited and sponsored the at the NAI Global annual conference. Axis Insurance Services LLC is the officially endorsed Professional Liability Broker for NAI Global and its network members.

Mike Smith, Principal at AXIS , says "we are just happy to be a part of the NAI Global network. It has been exciting to watch the network develop and become a dominate player in the commercial real estate market. We hope that our support of the network will help contribute to the a success of the conference."

Axis Insurance Services LLC is a nationally recognized Professional Liability Broker specializing in Errors and Omissions Insurance for commercial real estate firms. Axis has developed a proprietary E&O product for NAI member that addresses many of the risks associated with today's commercial real estate professional. This includes risks such as receivership services, corporate services, tenant representation, asset management and other services.


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