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Cyber Risk and E&O

Today's business environment has created an emerging E&O risk for professional services firms. In the general course of their business, Professionals are exposed to a myriad of data relating to their clients. The types of data can include amoung other things
names, addresses, tax ID numbers, social security numbers, credit, medical or general information that may be proprietary. The unauthorized disclosure of this information can lead to problems for the busy professional.

This information can be disclosed by a breach of security by an outside party, an inadvertent email or by lmisplacing a smartphone or laptop computer. Depending upon the type of information disclosed it can mean trouble and lead to an errors and omissions insurance claim (third party claim) or a legal requirement to notify individuals and companies and provide credit reporting for those parties injured (first party claim) .

The professionals at Axis Insurance Services LLC have E&O Insurance solutions for these risks at very competitive prices. Don't wait until it happens to you. Call one of our licensed representatives today


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