Apple Forced to Patch IOS after Security Flaw

Apple, considered by many to be the largest company in the world, was forced to issue an emergency patch to all their IOS systems after a previously unknown exploit was discovered to hack their systems remotely.

While cyber systems are always vulnerable to hacking, Apple’s IOS is uniquely vulnerable because they use a similar system across their entire product line. Meaning if it can exploit something on an iPhone, a Mac can be compromised just as easily.

This particular exploit is troubling because hackers didn’t even need a user’s data, just a phone call being enough. Called Forcedentry, it was sent via the spyware Pegasus, from a group called NSO. What makes this unique compared to other hacks is that is a zero click exploit. Most breaches or social engineering need people to actually click on a malicious programing link in order to unleash their chaos. Zero-clicks don’t need that, they basically can act like hackers in Hollywood movies. The scariest part is that the victims don’t know if they have been compromised, until someone like Apple reveals it. For more information: What are Zero Click Exploits?

This type of breach concerns many security analysts. "Whereas typical cyberattacks require a user to engage with a malicious piece of content - such as clicking on a rogue link - zero click exploits do not require any sort of interaction with devices' owners themselves," Lisa Plaggemier, interim executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, told CBS News. "This means it is virtually impossible for individuals to know if they have been compromised or not," she added.[1]

Apple has already issued a patch for this vulnerability, which was less than a week after they discovered it. but the damage this vulnerability can cause without people thinking about it. To protect themselves from attacks like this, companies should carefully check their cyber security procedures and review what to do once a breach has been discovered.



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