Are Charging Cables a New Data Risk?

Electric cable close-up with glowing electricity lightning

Hackers have continuously evolved as people have learned to adapt to their strategies. The newest type of breach involves ordinary charging cables. These cables are coded and designed to allow hackers to sneak their own viruses into unsuspecting phones.

Like flash drives, the scam is simple. People see a free charging cable, they grab it to plug their phones in and think nothing of it. Little do they know, these cables are encoded to send a virus into your phone.  "While many might think modifying a charging cable would be expensive or complicated, it’s not. Once you’re exposed, it’s relatively easy for the hacker to get a hold of your personal information." These codes allow the hackers to steal your password and other critical information via a wireless network. Once they have what they need, they just unplug and erase any presence they have leaving the victim unaware that they were the target of a security theft.[1]

This stresses the importance of vigilance. Do not pick up cables on the ground or anything that might look out of place. Use your own cables whenever possible and keep an eye on your passwords and phones.


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