New Jersey to Consider Marijuana Legalization in the Fall


Across the country, many states have legalized cannabis use in some way, whether it be recreational or medical. New Jersey is set to join these ranks by the end of the year.

In a ballot measure set for November 3rd, the state has proposed to the voters whether to legalize the sales of cannabis. If passed, they will allow up one pound to be sold to customers subject to regulations and other measures. In the meantime, the state legislature has passed a measure to decriminalize possession of up to two ounces from mandatory jail time to a sliding scale of fines and possible jail time, with another bill increasing it to a pound. However, they do not legalize the sales, which is what the measure on the ballot will decide.[1]

At the federal level, cannabis is still a class 1 drug, a category that includes heroin. Which means they cannot federally insure dispensaries. Keep this in mind when working with them in states that allow it legally.



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