Bergen County Among First Counties to Completely Shut Down

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many states including New Jersey has implemented many social distancing and preventive measures. Axis Insurance Services and PL Risk Advisors Inc. being based in New Jersey and Bergen County mean that for the foreseeable future we will not be on site at our normal offices.

Governor Phil Murphy’s orders are strict and focus on limiting the exposure or flattening the curve as it were. These include the following:

  1. No more than 50 people at social gatherings, excluding transit stations, medical facilities, grocery stores, office environments and manufacture ring work.
  2. All schools, public, private, parochial are shuttered until the order is lifted. This also applies to state universities as they stop in person classes
  3. All casinos, theaters, racetracks, gyms and malls are shut down as of March 16th, with exceptions going through the state emergency department.
  4. All restaurants and liquor license holders must shut their dining rooms down. They are permitted to run drive thrus, delivery and take out

All these measures are at bare minimum going to be in place through the end of March, with indications this might go through April.

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