CDC Warns of Massive Scams During Crisis

A confident young hacker working hard on solving online password codes concept with a computer keyboard and illustrated digital screen, numbers in the background

With many states beginning to lockdown, scammers have begun to take advantage of the confusion. Online and at people’s doors, scammers are looking for ways to steal your identity or even your valuables.

With everyone working from home, scammers have worked out that there would be people working from home and would be relying on CDC for knowledge about the outbreak. As a result, they will try to deceive you into signing up for so called bulletins and other things that are vital to running your company, such as tax forms and accounts. This is a trick; the CDC will not send emails of this magnitude. They also will not send out people to get your information. Any salespeople that come to your door claiming they are from the CDC are not and you should keep the door shut to them.[1]

In this trying time, vigilance is the key to keeping your company relatively on track. Be wary of any unknown emails and people coming up to the door. If you don’t know them, don’t open the door or email.


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