CARES Act Scams Raises Concerns

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA downtown as viewed from the Capitol Building grounds.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was designed to help small businesses receive money they need to ride out the virus that continues to hurt the world. However, scammers and malicious actors have taken advantage of the anarchy.

Among the many phishing scams that are now rampant with people online, one is specifically targeting those who are getting money from the government to help stave off their bankruptcy. Like many phishing scams, these scammers begin by scanning various social media accounts. Then, either through phones, mail or email, they send a request for your social security number, email addresses, or bank accounts. If people think this is legitimate, they give up their identities along with the check that was guaranteed to them. In emails, they go one step further and request signatures on fake links. These are all fakes and should be deleted as soon as possible. [1]

Scammers are relishing the chaos that the coronavirus is causing. But this is not the time to panic. Vigilance and knowledge are the two keys in making sure your money and identity aren’t compromised.


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