Zoom Sued for Data Breaches

Business people attending videoconference meeting

Thanks to the Coronavirus, services like Google Hangout and Zoom have become lifesaving measures in order to connect with clients and fellow employees separated by the crisis. But hackers have found ways or even walked into these supposedly private Zoom meetings and have disrupted them to the point of ending these calls.

Now, lawsuits have come as a result of these disruptions. Zoom shareholders have filed a class action lawsuit accusing the video-conferencing app of overstating its privacy standards and failing to disclose that its service was not end-to-end encrypted. [1] The CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, has publicly stated that while the service was secure to a degree, he never imagined that everyone would be using the service overnight. The company itself went public last year, but they were averaging about 10 million users before the Pandemic ballooned that number to 200 Million. With schools and other businesses using the service for free, he expressed remorse that he did not have the security in place for so many users in a short amount of time.

As it stands, Zoom remains one of the key video chatting services that is easily available to most people. Just because they failed in their security measures, does not mean you're completely absolved of responsibility. Do no give out these links to anyone you don’t trust and make sure to secure your connections with Dual Factor Authentication.

[1] https://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20200408/NEWS06/912333933/Zoom-sued-for-not-disclosing-privacy,-security-flaws

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