COVID and Waivers


As many people try and return to some sense of normalcy, some businesses have had to adapt or close based on the state’s mandates. With more people beginning to go out and about, some companies have begun to establish what their customers must do to protect everyone.

In some states such as Oregon, places like summer camps, golf courses and indoor entertainment leaders have demanded their members to sign a waiver taking their right to sue the company. For example, “The Bay Club in Tigard (Oregon) requires members and parents who send their kids to its summer camps to acknowledge that they could suffer a big financial blow if they are exposed to the novel coronavirus there.”[1]  However, when entering property under this type of businesses, customers must waive their right to sue based on the virus if they want to enter their store, because it would be unknown where they got the virus from. Golf Courses were among the first to open-up because of the ability to social distance properly. Golf Courses are also requiring this waiver if the states allow them to open and limit the people entering each hole. 

As the debate to open continues and the amount of cases skyrocket, companies must make determinations to protect their clients and their staff. Making customers sign a waiver might seem like overstepping, but it could mean the difference between safety and being an epicenter.


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