Port Hopping: The Good and the Bad

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Many hacks and breaches all have things in common. One of them is being able to find the right port or internet entry point to get into a system or computer. While firewalls and antivirus software can help to an extent, the actual ports can be very vulnerable to attack.

One method to combating this is by using a technique called port hopping. Port Hopping is when your computer generates a random IP address that identifies where the computer is in relation to the internet. Port hopping is related to the ISPs or those who control your internet connection. The ISPs generate random numbers that you would send your searches through. After a specific time, the connection “hops” and ports to another port. This port hopping, which is based on what the ISP wants, secures a connection by changing your entry or upload point. Programs like Skype, Salesforce and other video chatting services all use this feature to protect their users.

However, this idea can be turned against users. Hackers have found that they can use this to get around firewalls. By essentially tricking the service, they can easily plant their programs into the computer with no one suspecting it until it’s too late. The Emotet virus which forced many server cleansings and new programing for infected drives is an example of such a virus or program that accomplished this.

Port hopping can be a good or bad thing depending on a variety of factors. But don’t just rely on tricks to protect your business. Continue to be vigilant and educate yourself to look for signs of potential hackers.

The information provided comes from an interview with a member of IT Radix of Whippany, New Jersey

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