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Internet Security: Has your agency's E&O policy kept up with today's exposures?

by Mary Salerno, National Accounts Manager Breach of Privacy and Breach of Security coverage provides protection for wrongfulfalse [...]

Commercial Real Estate Claims Due to Foreclosure

by Mike W. Smith, President We are seeing an increase in the number of commercial real estate E&O claims due to foreclosure orfalse [...]

Real Estate E&O Claims on the Rise

by Mike W. Smith, President In July of 2007 I wrote an article about the rise of E&O claims related to the Real Estate industry. false [...]

Owned Property Issues for Commercial Real Estate

by Mike W. Smith, President Many of our larger commercial real estate clients are involved in businesses other than their primaryfalse [...]

Subprime Market Issues Affect Insurance

by Mike W. Smith, President Two years ago I addressed a group of Professional Liability Underwriters in a panel entitled "E&O andfalse [...]

Failure to Remit Premium

by Mary Salerno, National Accounts Manager An insurance agent E&O claim that is becoming more common, relates to a an accountingfalse [...]

Bodily Injury/Property Damage Exclusions

by Mary Salerno, National Accounts Manager Most Insurance Agents E&O policies contain some type of exclusion for bodily injuryfalse [...]

E&O Insolvency Issues for Insurance Agents

by Javier Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales Given the recent trends in the financial market and the number of insurance carriersfalse [...]

Insurance Agents E&O Claims

Insurance agents are at increased risk of E&O Insurance claims in both a soft and a hard market. We are seeing increased activityfalse [...]

Corporate Services E&O Risks

Understanding Corporate Services Risk Issues [...]


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