Paul Hacker to attend Mauer Foundation Gala

Axis Insurance Services is pleased to announce that Paul Hacker will attend the Mauer Foundation’s Pink Diamond Gala at the Garden City Hotel on October 13th. The Mauer Foundation is a charity centered on Breast Cancer education and promoting ways to reduce the risk of it, such as early detection. Attending this gala will be Axis Broker, Paul Hacker

Paul Hacker spoke fondly about attending. “I am proud to attend the Pink Diamond Gala. If we look at our family tree, I am pretty sure one of your relatives had breast cancer. Personally, my grandmother did 15 years ago. Cancer does not discriminate and many women either died from breast cancer, have a genetic disposition to it, or are currently undergoing treatment.”

About Mauer Foundation

Responding to the need in her own practice, breast surgeon Dr. Virginia Maurer first made breast health education programs available to her patients and their families. The success of these programs encouraged her to reach out to the general public, but particularly to adolescent women through high school breast health programs. Dr. Maurer believes that the choices we make early in life can affect our future breast health. Since 1995, The Maurer Foundation has been serving the community as a separate not-for-profit organization, for which Dr. Maurer actively participates as Founder, motivator and an inspiration.

From reaching just over a thousand people in 1995, The Maurer Foundation-supported by steadfast board members, experienced staff and gifted volunteers-has continued to broaden our capacity reaching hundreds of thousands. Through diverse partnerships we educate the public, striving toward our goal to be recognized as the leading source of current and accurate breast health information.

Interested in having the Maurer Foundation present at your school, community group, or business? Request a breast health program today.

About Axis

Formed in 1999, Axis Insurance Services, LLC is a nationwide leader in the professional and management liability insurance industry, developing innovative risk management solutions for today’s evolving businesses. We offer insurance programs to a broad array of professionals and industries, including insurance agents/brokers, attorneys, commercial real estate firms, technology, healthcare/medical, financial institutions, architects/engineers, consulting firms, media and many others.

Given our strong presence among insurance agents and brokers, it only made sense to create a wholesale division: We launched PLRisk in 2014 and today the two firms provide retail and wholesale coverage solutions for Cyber Liability & Privacy/Network Security, Errors and Omissions, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Crime and Fiduciary coverage.

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