Salesforce Goes Down Due to Glitch

salesforceoutageSalesforce, the cloud-based software company that handles corporate data, was brought down last week over a glitch. For a whole day, the system was essentially locked to all users and it made it difficult for many who use it to operate and access their databases.

The cause of the downtime according to the response was caused by a script reading error when Salesforce was attempting to update their forms. As a result, those who used Salesforce Pardot was completely locked out of their databases as the vulnerability was exploitable by hackers. As a precaution, Salesforce had to shut down all of their servers and temporarily revoke admin privileges understandably upsetting many customers.[1]

The vulnerability showed how easily an interconnected program can destroy a business if not prepared. If it was a focused attack rather a coding error, Salesforce would be looking at millions in damages. Checking your scripts and patches regularly will keep issues like this from becoming full disasters.


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