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Management liability

D&O Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions

  When companies merge or one company acquires another in a landmark deal, one component that sometimes gets overlooked is thefalse [...]


Lawsuits That Arise in Mergers & Acquisitions



The State of Opioids in the Workplace in 2019



What Does Legal Cannabis Mean for Your Business?



The Right (and Wrong) Way to Handle Employee Complaints



What Makes an Actionable Misrepresentation Claim?

   Convincing a client to use your genuine services is one thing. It’s another to misrepresent your company in order to get afalse [...]


The Dangers of Employee Misclassification



In Order to Reduce Sexual Harassment Claims, it’s Time to Update Your HR Policies

  Sexual harassment in the workplace is unfortunately a problem for many businesses across the country. A 2018 survey done byfalse [...]


How a Business Can Avoid Credit Card Fraud

The majority of business transactions today occur via credit cards, but that doesn’t make them inherently safe. Credit card fraudfalse [...]

The Cost of D&O Litigation

In the past three years, 44 percent of private companies have experienced a loss in the form of D&O liability, EPL, fiduciaryfalse [...]


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