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The Top 5 E&O Claims Commercial Real Estate Professionals Face

This blog was originally published on April 19, 2013. It was updated and re-published on January 15, 2019. [...]

Axis Insurance Services to Attend SIOR in Denver, CO


Mike Smith to Speak at NAI Conference on Cyber Risks


Axis Insurance Services Attends SIOR Spring World Conference

By Drew M. Smith [...]

Axis to Exhibit at 2018 SIOR Spring World Conference

Axis Insurance Services, LLC will be attending and exhibiting this weekend at 2018 SIOR Spring World Conference in Austin, Texas.false [...]

Real Estate Wire Fraud: How to Protect Yourself

Real estate wire fraud is a cyber crime that has been increasingly more common in the last two years. It typically occurs duringfalse [...]

Evaluating and Addressing Real Estate’s Biggest Cyber Liabilities

No matter what size a business is or which sector it belongs to, it will always be vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s not justfalse [...]

Drone Freedom: New FAA Rules Allow Drones to Operate More Freely

By Drew M. Smith [...]

Commercial Property Manager Cash Issues - E&O Tip of the Week

Commercial property managers are susceptible to occupational theft (employee theft) at an increasing rate. According to a recentfalse [...]

3 Trends in Theft of Cash for Real Estate Agents - E&O Tip of the Week

Real Estate Agents and Brokers frequently manage cash for the clients. They may hold deposits, escrow funds, rents, CAM and taxfalse [...]


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