Cyber attacks

Avoiding a Cyber Insurance Claim Denial

In March 2021, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, released its annual Internet Crime


Creating a Playbook on Cyber Breaches

As the number of cyber breaches continue to spike, it’s imperative to create a plan to counteract and prevent lasting damage to your cyber


Common Myths about Cybersecurity

With the increase in the amount of cyber breaches and hacks, many people are continuing to fall into the same traps not only with breaches


The Weather Channel Taken Off Air After Software Attack

Early this morning, The Weather Channel, a 24/7 weather news agency was knocked off the air by a malicious attacker. The attack occurred at


Warning from the IRS: Be Aware of These New Phishing Emails

Scammers love to scam, and now they’re using the Internal Service Revenue (IRS) as bait. When it’s the holidays and tax season, this


Beware of Social Engineering Attacks

When you see the words “cyber attack” or “data breach," you likely picture an anonymous hacker carrying out a sophisticated, targeted


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